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From this site, current and potential suppliers can register and maintain information that enables KBR supply professionals to efficiently locate sources of supply. This site also facilitates the communication of purchase inquiries and supplier responses.
In support of our customers, KBR procures more than 6 billion per year of equipment, materials, and services. To achieve our business goals it is essential that we continuously pursue an innovative supply base, and improve our efficiency. Your participation in will greatly assist KBR, and we appreciate your support.
KBR has a Code of Business Conduct (COBC) that contains specific corporate policies. The COBC can be found on KBR’s website at The KBR COBC establishes a common set of ethical standards and legal principles that are binding for all Directors and Employees of KBR and its Subsidiaries worldwide. KBR expects all Suppliers and Subcontractors acting with them also to ascribe to the same ethical standards. KBR will not condone any illegal or unethical actions on the part of its employees, Directors or any Supplier or Sub Supplier with whom KBR performs business.
KBR has a Supplier Code of Conduct and it defines KBR’s expectations in relation to the Supplier’s work with KBR, including compliance with any local and national laws and regulations. The Supplier Code of conduct can be found here
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